Do You Have a Kindle?

How do you like it? We’ve written before about this electronic reading device: The Kindle for Breastfeeding Mothers: Is It Green? We never reached a perfect conclusion. While conventional books are made from trees and travel hither and yon before they reach the reader, the Kindle takes energy to produce–and one day, it will need to be recycled (or thrown in the trash).

If you have a Kindle, how do you like it? Do you think of it as a green alternative to regular old books?

What’s On Your Holiday Wish List?

A massage? A full night’s sleep?  A box of truffles?  What are you hoping to unwrap this year?

What do I long for?  Slippers.  I’m not even kidding.  Mine are tattered after just one year of constant use and I want a sturdier pair to warm my feet for the long haul across these cold hardwood floors.

What do I recommend for those who have no idea what to ask for?  Teething Bling pendants are a fantastic invention–elegant, chewable jewelry that soothes your baby’s aching gums while you look fabulous. And we’ll now shamelessly mention our book, The Eco-nomical Baby Guide, for a quick, educational read that will save you thousands.

The Friday Question: How Old is Your Baby?

Are you in the first trimester or are you raising two year old twins?  We often wonder where our readers are in their parental journeys and how we can best help them.

Where are we?   Rebecca is raising four-year-old Audrey while Joy is enjoying four-year-old Roscoe and sixteen month old Jovi.

Thanks for sharing your current location in this grand green parenting adventure!

What’s Your Favorite Baby Food Book?

We wrote about making your own organic baby food in the Eco-nomical Baby Guide. Most DIY baby food enthusiasts know about Super Baby Food, which Joy reviewed once upon a time. Do you have a favorite baby food book—or do you rely on the Internet for recipes? Or do you just wing it? (After all, pureeing yams is not exactly a complicated culinary skill to master.)

Speaking of baby food recipe books—we’re giving away Great Expectations: Best Food for Your Baby & Toddler. Go to our giveaway post, comment on it, and you’re entered to win!

What are your favorite cloth diaper shops?

Cloth diaper shops abound on the Internet–but what about in real life? Does your town have a brick and mortar shop that sells cloth diapers? If so, give them a little shout out here! (Stay tuned–we may work at creating a cloth diaper shop directory some time in the future!)

Mother Nature’s in Portland carries cloth diapers. They also hosted our first book signing for The Eco-nomical Baby Guide!

Any Eco-friendly Halloween Decor Ideas?

How do we gear up for Halloween here at the Green Baby Guide? Normally we just stick a baby in a pumpkin and leave it at that. (See my niece sporting her compostable pumpkin diaper below.)

Do you have any green Halloween decorating tips and tricks? Let us know!

What are your favorite zucchini recipes?

It’s October—and now my garden has decided to go crazy with zucchini? I have just one zucchini plant, but I’ve been harvesting one to three zucchini a day for the past few days. What are your favorite zucchini recipes? Have you had success grating and freezing summer squash? (And then how do you make use of your frozen zucchini during the year?)

To make this post somewhat more relevant to the Green Baby Guide, I will share my tip for turning zucchini into baby food: simply grate it and cook it up with ground-up oats or some other baby cereal. My daughter loved this as a baby. Unfortunately her love of vegetables has turned to hate over the years . . . but that’s another post for another day.

What are Your DIY Halloween Costume Ideas?

It’s October–officially time to start thinking about Halloween! What costumes have you created in the past? Do you have any DIY costume ideas for yourself, your baby, or your kids? What about homemade maternity Halloween costumes? Let us know in the comments and we’ll highlight our favorites in a future post. Stay tuned!

The ever-popular bandit and swimming bear!

Why don’ t you . . . use cloth diapers at night?

This post is a part of the illuminating Why don’t you” series. No judgment! We’re just curious.

This is a subject close to Joy’s heart.  She’s written about it several times on the Green Baby Guide, and we devoted a section to it in The Eco-nomical Baby Guide. Readers have offered commiseration, tips, and product recommendations, but nothing helped contain the leaks or prevent yeast infections.

I, on the other hand, simply used two prefolds inside a larger diaper cover at night and never had any problems at all.

But what about you other cloth diapering parents—do you use disposables at night? Why?

Do You Grow Your Own Food?

If–due to some natural disaster or some sort of post-apocalyptic situation–I’m ever forced to live off the land, I’m not sure I’d survive. Sure, I’ve messed around with gardening. Last year I had a bumper crop of tomatoes! But can a family of three survive on tomatoes alone? Probably not.

What about you? Do you grow your own food? Do you dream of growing all your own food?