What Advice Would You Give a New Mom?

A friend of ours is in the thick of early parenthood.  The sleeplessness, the stress, the wonder, the trauma and the sheer depth of love.  There is really no way to describe it to those on the brink of this huge shift, so I always feel such compassion for new parents.  My advice?

  • Laugh at yourself.  Because minor failures can seem so catastrophic in those early days.   Errors won’t be so powerful if you can manage a chuckle now and then.
  • Progress not perfection.  (I had to repeat that at certain challenging points–like when I dropped a poopy diaper face down on the carpet at 3am.)
  • (more…)

Did You Win a Copy of The Eco-nomical Baby Guide? Buy One!

The bad news is that only one of you will win the lucky copy of The Eco-nomical Baby Guide.  The great news is that you can pick up a copy for less than fifteen bucks on Amazon or read it for free at your local library!

Why should you buy a copy of our green, thrifty treatise on raising a green baby?

Maybe it’s our five star rating on Amazon, or our glowing reviews on Goodreads, or the fact that investing less than twenty bucks on this little gem can save you thousands on your baby’s first year alone.  We don’t mean to sound like an infomercial, but we really, truly believe that The Eco-nomical Baby Guide is worth reading.  It’s the book we wish we would have had back in those early days of parenting when cloth diapering, buying used, and buying less were all tricky concepts.

What Percentage of Your Groceries are Organic?

I wish I could claim a higher number, but I think mine is about 10-20 percent.  In the next few weeks I may be joining a grower’s market to help boost our intake of organic produce without skyrocketing our grocery costs.  I’ll keep you posted.  In the meantime, how much of your overall food bill is invested in organics?


Green Gift Shopping Online

Too tired to haul yourself out into the shopping scene this year? If you’re lugging small children or a baby bump, you may want to pick out some thoughtful items online and save yourself time, hassle, and a few gallons of gas. (Not to mention the temper tantrums that can be avoided.)

Melissa and Doug wooden toys are great quality and undeniably green. Our house is filled with puzzles, blocks, and even wooden food that have stood up to years of active play. I would heartily recommend any of their products and you’ll save nearly fifty percent off by buying them online!

Welcome To Our New Website!

Yes, you’re in the right spot!  We have just redone our banner and layout for a fresh new look.  We were searching for something a bit friendlier with some space for product advertising.  (We have been blogging for three years and just now realized that with our sizable monthly traffic, we could benefit from having a few supporters.  Yahoo for edging out even a tiny profit in our writing endeavors!)

Do you like our new image?  Do you miss the old layout?  We’re still trouble shooting and realize that our search bar awkwardly hangs over our text.  It shall be corrected this week!  Are there other glitches that you’ve noticed?  Hopefully we’ll be settled into our new look soon.

Eco-friendly Holiday Cards Made from Recycled Paper

These eco-friendly holiday cards meet the following criteria: cute, made from recycled paper, and cheap (as in, all packs that averaged a dollar—or more—a card were nixed).

Heaven and Nature Holiday Cards (14 ct., $9.95)

Winter Log Cabin Holiday Cards (14 ct., $9.95)

Penguins Assorted Boxed Holiday Christmas Cards (20 ct., $14.95) A portion of the proceeds goes to the Sierra Club.

Backyard Birds in Winter Assorted Boxed Holiday Christmas Cards (20 ct., $14.95) A portion of the proceeds goes to the Sierra Club

Check out all of the Sierra Club Holiday cards. They’re a bargain!

On Thursday we’ll discuss some alternatives to traditional holiday cards, so stay tuned! (I normally don’t like to start writing holiday-themed posts so soon after Halloween, but if you’re sending out cards, you do need to think ahead!)

Breastfeeding Support for New Moms: Our Top Lactation Posts

After hours of labor, I always assumed that I would nestle my new baby to my breast where he would quickly suckle and then fall into an eight hour slumber.  Instead, breastfeeding a newborn was a tricky business for the first few months.  I only wish I would have had the resources we’ve compiled over the years at Greenbabyguide.com.

Low breastmilk supply can be a major issue, especially when rest and fluid intake are so hard to keep up in the early days.  Why not have someone whip you up a batch of homemade lactation cookies, or “milk making cookies” to boost your breastmilk supply?

How Long Have You Been a Frugalista?

If you are tuning into Greenbabyguide.com for our budget-friendly tips, have you always been interested in living on less?  Are you new to this penny pinching lifestyle?

I was born into a family of cheapskates. At one point in my life this was a huge drag, but the older I get, the more I appreciate my homegrown education in personal finance. It dovetails nicely with my green goals and has helped us build a secure financial foundation for our family.

Now that I’m home with the kids, our family has taken frugality to a whole new level. We embrace thrift stores, cloth diapers, garage sales, Grocery Outlet, and coupons. And more importantly, our quality of family life has drastically improved.

What Are The Best Baby Bibs?

They lighten our laundry loads, stop stains, and keep a certain amount of sweet potato puree out of your baby’s lap.  Bibs are undeniably helpful and even eco-friendly.  But which ones are the best?

I set out to find the very best bibs and then found myself quite stuck. Bumkin bibs worked great with our baby, but there are hundreds of brands out there and I have no idea what the favorites are for other parents in the trenches. Of course, it’s best to avoid vinyl and BPA in your bibs, since those are potentially toxic to babies and the environment.

Does your baby even wear a bib? Do you make bibs from kitchen towels? Do your children simply eat in the bathtub? Thanks for giving other new parents your tips!

Breastfeeding Older Babies in Public

A few months ago I wrote a triumphant post about the joys of comfortably feeding baby on the go.  “It’s easy!” I proclaimed with glee.  “Why do people sequester themselves in private when you can just toss a blanket over baby’s head and continue socializing?”

Funny how much I forgot from my first baby!  Now that Jovi is almost one year old, she utterly refuses to be covered while feeding.  Even when I can arrange my shirt so that I’m not flashing the world, she stops regularly to look around and provide a milky smile for all to see, leaving me a bit exposed.  As this painting proves, distracted babies have been pulling off the breast to smile at onlookers for hundreds of years!