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The Eco-nomical Baby Guide: Down-to-Earth Ways for Parents to Save Money and the Planet

By Joy Hatch and Rebecca Kelley

Stewart, Tabori, & Chang, 2010

The Eco-nomical Baby Guide: Down to Earth Ways for Parents to Save Money and the Planet is packed with practical tips for bringing up a green baby without breaking the bank. While the average parents spend almost $7,000 gearing up for a new addition, we each shelled out less than a thousand—and we did it by going green. In The Eco-nomical Baby Guide, we prove that bringing up baby can be easy on the pocketbook and the planet.

In this useful and approachable guide, you’ll find information on:

  • Eco-friendly companies you can support while gearing up for baby
  • Cloth diapers versus disposable diapers—what to choose?
  • The easy way to feed your baby all-natural foods
  • Ten simple things you can do for the planet right now (and four more difficult ones)
  • And much, much more!

Why should I buy it?

Less than twenty dollars can save you thousands and keep more than a ton of waste out of the landfill. Need more reasons? Read reviews by other green bloggers:

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