To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate


While we were at the pediatrician’s for Frances’ six month checkup, I was surprised to hear from the nurse that we’re the only patients on Dr. Sears’ alternative vaccination schedule. Although we don’t live in a metropolis, I would have thought there would be at least one other child on an alternative plan.

Since we’ve been in to see the nurse twice as often as most, she was curious about our choice. She asked about our reasons for choosing an alternate schedule, and my knee-jerk answer was “why not?”. The nurse said she liked the fact that the shots, two at the most, were over so quickly Frances hardly noticed them. Even the gals in reception have said, “your baby never cries for shots! She must be so brave.” Well, they’re over so quickly she doesn’t know what hit her. She’s never had a fever after vaccinations and, I will admit, I enjoy twice as many days where she takes extra long naps!