Café Yumm: Baby-Friendly, Budget-Friendly, Earth-Friendly Fast Food

It’s winter, it’s cold and let’s face it—grease and salt is mighty appealing.  But fast food is loaded with packaging, unhealthy ingredients, and expense.  So how can we avoid it despite our cravings?  Enjoy a hearty bowl of brown rice and beans with a signature sauce from Cafe Yumm.

Brown rice and beans, you say?  How can that possibly be marketed to my family?  Here’s the truth: My husband loves beef, pizza, potatoes fried in a variety of ways, and everything else that passes as fast food, but he loves Café Yumm even more.   My son breaks down crying (often!) begging for “beans and rice please!” 


The Dinnertime Dilemma: Part 2

Maybe it’s because dinner comes at the end of the day, maybe it’s because it overlaps with a spouse’s return from work, or maybe it’s just because we have to tackle it every day, but some of us find ourselves quite flummoxed by the simple concept of supper. 

I’ve had a few discoveries over the course of the last two years as a working mother, but our readers are sure to contribute many more ideas to my list.  Also, check out last week’s post for some more tips. 

Use a slow cooker: If you got enough sleep to feel somewhat rested in the morning, you can throw a bunch of stuff into a crock pot and forget about dinner entirely for the rest of the day.  I was a little hesitant about embracing the crock pot, but my zealous friends won me over—and I’m glad they did.