Buy Rechargeable Batteries for Baby’s Swing, Bouncer, and Toys

When Audrey was just five months old, I met another mother of a same-aged baby. Of course we started comparing notes. Does he do this yet? Does she do that yet? I found myself surprised when she asked me this question, though: “Do you find you go through a LOT of batteries?” Now we’d steered clear of battery-operated toys, swings, and other contraptions (mostly because they drive me nuts), so the answer was no.

However, many parents find battery-operated gizmos save their sanity in those early months. The problem is, batteries aren’t so great for the planet. They contain heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and nickel. If you toss batteries in the trash, these metals can contaminate our water supply. The responsible thing to do is “recycle” them by taking them to someplace like Radio Shack. Unfortunately they do not really recycle the batteries, but they do dispose of them properly.