Book Review: Jungle Rumble


Truly Indestructible!

At this stage, Frances considers books to be chew toys. The board books handle this fairly well, but not as well as Indestructibles: Jungle, Rumble!! Not only is it rip proof, but it’s washable. That’s a winner in my book!

As you can see from the cover, Indestructibles: Jungle, Rumble! is very colorful and captures Franci’s short attention. And since there aren’t words, the story is only as repetitive as my imagination.  This might not be as enjoyable for her as she begins to understand words.

I haven’t picked up any of the other Indestructibles titles, but I’m sure they’re all just as good.  I haven’t come across any other books quite as sturdy, but I’m open to suggestions!

Book Review: Black & White

Although Frances is seeing in color now, she still loves her book Black & White by Tana Hoban. The pages of this board book fold out so you can prop it up on the ground in front of her. The high contrast images capture her attention and hold it until she’s had her fill. Her favorite image at the moment is the butterfly.

My only complaint is that if these images are really “objects from your child’s ever-growing world”, then what’s sailboat doing in there. I wish all the images were things she’s familiar with at her current age, like maybe a crib instead of a chair. Or a hand instead of a fork.