Halloween Costumes Using Your Baby

It’s one thing to coordinate your Halloween costume with your baby.  It’s a whole new level of awesome when your baby is essential to your costume.  As a devoted baby wearer, I especially like the costumes that utilize a sling or carrier.  A quick Google Search while give you some great ideas.  Here

are a couple of my favorites:


All you need is for mom to dress up as the three breasted woman!


My favorite spider costume



Would work just as well with baby facing in

National Costume Swap Day is Coming!

Halloween, already? Not exactly, but National Costume Swap day is less than three weeks away and we wanted to be sure to give our readers ample time to prepare. In years past, we seem to announce the event just after it occurs, or maybe the day before. Not this year!

On Saturday, October 8th, families across the nation will trade old costumes in for new trick-or-treat wear. It’s green, it’s free, and it’s a great way to connect with local families. And the truth is, no matter how adorable our children look in their baby bumblebee costumes, they can usually only wear them once. Why not share them with someone else?

The Saturday Question: What are Your Best DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Baby?

Last year we had some DIY Halloween costume ideas. For Audrey’s first Halloween, I dressed her in $2 pajamas and a homemade hat and called her a pumpkin. My sister-in-law carved holes in the side of an actual pumpkin and plopped her baby inside. (Now there’s a Halloween costume that’s actual compostable!) What are your quick, easy, eco-friendly do-it-yourself Halloween costume ideas?
baby with organic pumpkins