Happy Valentine’s Day To Our Green Baby Guide Readers!

Valentine’s Day means chocolate, romance, and roses.  Wait.  That was before parenting!  Now it involves sleeplessness, breastfeeding, spit up, and cloth diaper changes.  Today I’m thinking of all of you with sincere endearment as you bravely slog your way through the challenges of early parenting.

Although those exhilarating and exhausting first months as a mother aren’t exactly romantic, they are infused with a love like no other.  You may not be treated to a violin serenade, but you will get gooey kisses, cuddles, and toothless grins.  If you are lucky enough to squeeze in a date or even a truffle, kudos to you!  You deserve every bit of love sent in your direction today.

Friday Question: Valentine’s Day . . . with a Baby?

Because my daughter was born just two weeks before Valentine’s Day, I can’t say we had a very romantic celebration on the year she was born. We went out to sushi with my mom . . . and ended up rushing home because she (the baby, not my mom) started to cry. As inexperienced parents, we had no idea how to handle this crisis. What about you—any grand plans for Valentine’s Day this year?