Green Back-to-School Supplies

A Greener Crayon

A Greener Crayon

There are a few obvious ways to green your back-to-school shopping, like reusing backpacks, binders and folders from last year. How about hitting up the local thrift store for office supplies? While you’re there, check out the shoes and clothing too.

Speaking of shoes and clothes, why not organize a swap with your friends and neighbors? Have everyone bring clean and un-stained clothes and shoes their kids have grown out of (or are tired or wearing) and exchange them for new-to-you items. Preferably over a glass of wine.

If you are required to buy new items, Green Schools Initiative has a buying guide to help you find the greenest supplies available. Trade in the trusty Crayolas for a box of biodegradable, petroleum-free Prang Crayons or try Biodegradable Binder Pockets

First Day of Kindergarten: Mission Accomplished

It’s hard to believe that one of the original “green babies” to inspire this blog and our book is officially a kindergartner. Here she is, at six months, taking her first bite of food (avocado).

And here she is on our walk to the neighborhood elementary school last Friday, for her first (half) day of school:

Note her furrowed brow. She has been dreading kindergarten for the last eight months, and she shed a few worried tears on the walk up the hill to the school.

But here she is a few hours later:

Kindergarten success!