Green Spotlight: Eco-Heroine Eileen Provides a Planet Saving Pep-Talk

Eileen Spillman is a single mom who works full time as a middle school teacher, raises two children, and saves the Earth in her spare time.   As you’ll see, Eileen is very humble about managing her hectic lifestyle, but she has lots of down-to-earth wisdom to share. Her online interview will be broken down into a four-part Sunday series, so stay tuned!

How (on Earth!) do you juggle a full time job, raising two children, and keeping the planet in mind?  

Ha!  I don’t.  Everything doesn’t get done perfectly, or even close…..I’m really fortunate to have wonderful family and friends who pitch in for me, a lot.  The other thing about being a single mom is that I don’t have to expend any energy in negotiations – it’s my way or the highway.  I have also realized that watching TV was a couple thing and since I’m not half of a couple, I don’t watch it at all anymore. ….Oh, and sometimes I tear my hair out and cry like a baby.   


Sleep vs. The Planet

A friend of ours just had her second child after 61 HOURS of labor!  Before I had children, that would have made me tired—but now it makes me want to flop onto the floor unconscious.  Why?  Because I always imagined that childbirth was a marathon.  What I realized after my first, is that it’s just the beginning of an endless “Ironmom” tournament that lasts for years. 

In that long succession of sleepless nights, there is a way to balance green values and exhaustion and it’s as simple as asking for help. Here are a few things I’ve learned from wise friends who have kept from being plumb pooped in those early weeks: