Do You Need an Organic Car Seat Cover?

In search of an eco-friendly car seat, I ran across the latest must-have baby accessory: organic car seat covers. That’s right—you simply take the horrible polyester cover that came with your car seat, throw it away, and buy your baby a bamboo infant car seat liner ($40). Too cheap for your precious bundle? You may be interested in the Itzy Ritzy Baby Ritzy Rider in Organic Baby Bamboo Infant Car Seat Cover ($110) or perhaps the organic wool car seat cover ($99.95). Never mind that they cost just as much as the car seat itself!
satsuma designs bamboo velour infant car seat liner

All right, to be fair, some babies may be especially sensitive to toxins in the fabric of regular car seat covers. And it wouldn’t be a bad idea for car seat manufacturers to use natural materials in their products. But we’ll save our money for a car seat made out recycled milk jugs!