Leaving Work to be a Stay at Home Mom

This is the first September in thirteen years that I am not heading back to school as an educator.  Last week I trekked out to my teaching grounds just in time to see the school buses pulling up out front. Nervous adolescents were trying to contain themselves while the teachers still sported relaxed summer smiles.

What was I doing? Floating above the ground with sheer bliss. My baby anchored me a bit by riding on one hip while my son pulled along on the other side, but I am so happy to be weighted down by these intriguing little people this year.

The Long Term Rewards of Under Indulgence

Is under indulgence the same thing as deprivation?  We think not!  Buying fewer, thoughtful gifts and treats for your child will allow him or her to have an enhanced sense of appreciation, plus you’ll be helping lighten the load on our planet and your pocketbook.  But beyond the immediate rewards, you’ll also reap benefits for years to csaving money and environment by under indulgingome.

  • Less financial stress: The leading cause of arguments between spouses is money.  When you co-commit to set more aside for the future, you’re also giving your baby a family with less conflicts.
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