What Were Your Favorite Baby Guide Books?

During all nine months of my first pregnancy, our home was littered with books instructing me on how to gracefully cruise into motherhood.  Many of them simply freaked me out while others seemed utterly unrealistic.

None urged me to trust myself, buy less stuff, use cloth diapers and opt for used gear–all of which we emphasize in our book, The Eco-nomical Baby Guide.  In fact, back in 2006 I could not find a single book on green pregnancy or parenting!  That was part of the reason Rebecca and I were so inspired to write The Eco-nomical Baby Guide.  During the months that we wrote and re-wrote the text, green baby books started to pop onto the market, but none of them had the frugal emphasis that was essential to our eco-friendly message.  We were also surprised to see that none of the green baby guides had an in-depth section about cloth diaper usage and we were careful to dedicate two detailed chapters to cloth diapering, although we could have filled an entire book with our cloth diaper wisdom.  (If you don’t already know, we are rather ardent cloth diaper fans who strike up conversations with total strangers about Fuzzibunz and flushable diaper liners.)

Five More Very Good Reasons to Buy The Eco-nomical Baby Guide

So saving the world isn’t a compelling enough reason to buy The Eco-nomical Baby Guide?  Some of you need a little extra incentive to buy our treatise on diapers, baby food, and other titillating topics. Here are five more reasons:

  1. It has a cute cover. And as the saying goes, “You should definitely judge a book by its cover.” Imagine how nice it will look on your coffee table. Picture how cool you will look reading this book in a coffee shop.
  2. You will impress your guests with our recipes. Avocado delight! Pumpkin pancakes! These recipes will dazzle the taste buds of your guests, particularly if you do a lot of entertaining for the six to eighteen-month-old crowd.
  3. (more…)

The Best Green Baby Books for New Parents

When Joy and I started working on our book two and a half years ago, we thought we had the most original idea ever. We searched Amazon.com and couldn’t find any green baby books on the market. We rushed the idea off to publishers, sure we’d have a bidding war on our hands. Imagine our shock when no one seemed to jump at the chance to publish our unwritten masterpiece.

Okay, so we were a little naïve. Eventually we did get a publishing contract, and we’re proud to announce that our creation will hit bookstore shelves next spring.  And we’ll have company! Since we’ve started the project, other eco-minded writers have published some green baby books of their own: