Book Review and Giveaway: From Ouch to Ahhh…

from-ouch-to-ahhhHow glorious for all of us (and our partners!) that a book has been written to help us navigate the transition back to sexual intimacy after childbirth. From Ouch to Ahhh: The New Mom’s Guide to Sex After Baby by Sarah Swofford is packed with the perfect combination of validation and practical advice

Swofford’s voice is consistently warm, humble, and best of all, helpful. This book should tuck this book beneath those mountains of flannel blankets at every woman’s baby shower.

Here is what some readers are saying about From Ouch to Ahhh: The New Mom’s Guide to Sex After Baby:

“This book is a must read for any new mom. …I read the entire thing in one sitting, I could not put it down.”

Book Review: Doodle Lit

2015-06-29 16.54.07We like to mix it up a little here at The Green Baby Guide, so this book review was written by our 9-year-old correspondent, Audrey.

Doodle Lit By Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver is a book for ages eight to really anyone. The people who like authors, fun drawing, quizzes, and different strange activities would prefer Doodle lit.

Doodle lit is about literature (the lit is italic because of doodle lit get it!) and activities that have to do with the authors life time and books. In parts of the book scissors are needed, but I preferred to not cut, paste, or glue anything (a sign of laziness). But that’s your choice.

Book Review: Spending The Holidays With People I Want To Punch In The Throat

Spending-The-Holidays-With-People-I-Want-To-Punch-In-The-ThroatThe first thing I did when I got my hands on Jen Mann’s book of holiday essays, Spending the Holidays with People I Want to Punch in the Throat: Yuletide Yahoos, Ho-Ho-Humblebraggers, and Other Seasonal Scourges, was look at the chapter titles. Right away I could tell I was going to thoroughly enjoy it, I mean, how could anyone not like a book filled with chapters like “Why You Wont’ Be Invited To Our Chinese New Year Party This Year, Or Ever” and “Like A Neon Virgin In Guess Jeans And Swatch Watches”? Well, maybe you…you probably don’t have the refined sense of humor that I possess. Even if you aren’t as funny as I am, you still might get something out of this clever book.

Book Review: Broken Homes & Gardens

broken-homes-and-gardensWhen Rebecca and Joy started The Green Baby Guide blog in 2007, they were busy compiling all their best green and frugal tips into a handy book at the same time: The Eco-nomical Baby Guide: Down-to-Earth Ways for Parents to Save Money and the Planet.

Eight years later, Rebecca is long past her daughter’s baby days (though her frugality and eco-consciousness remain) and is on the verge of publishing another book.  Her first novel, Broken Homes & Gardens, is already available for pre-order on Amazon and will be released on April 28.

When I first read the blurb, “When Harry Met Sally for the Millennial generation…” I thought, “We’ll see about that!”  Well, it certainly is – and in the best possible way!  I was so absorbed in the will-they-won’t they plot I read it in one day.  Or course, when I’m exclusively breastfeeding I tend to read a lot of novels.

Book Review: Llama Llama Red Pajama

Where's Mama??

Where’s Mama??

We were gifted a copy of Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney and it quickly became a favorite.

After being tucked into bed for the night, the baby llama decides he needs his mama one last time. Baby llama calls for his mama, who is busy doing dishes downstairs and says she will be up in a minute to check on him. In the moments it takes her to finish up, the llama has scared himself silly over why she hasn’t rushed to his side. He basically has a conniption fit when she doesn’t come right away. Most of us parents can relate to this scenario, and so can our kids!

Book Review: Baby Bear’s Chairs

Love This Book!

Love This Book!

For a few months now, Franci’s Nana takes her to the library once a week and sends her home with a batch of books for us to read until the next library day. Out of the dozens of children’s books we have read, we’ve only ever purchased our own copy of one title: Baby Bear’s Chairs by Jane Yolen.

The rhymes are unique and fun to read and the pictures are detailed and colorful. The story is relatable, especially if your kids call their father “Papa”.  It’s a great bedtime book, and Franci has requested it every night since we got it.  So far, I haven’t gotten sick of it which, gives it five stars in my book.

Book Review: Experimenting with Babies

experimenting-with-babiesWhen Franci was a few weeks old, and I was finally recovered from being pregnant and giving birth, I started to realize that there wasn’t much to do with a newborn. It hadn’t really occurred to me earlier that this would be the case, but there was very little entertainment to be had. For either of us! She couldn’t sit or crawl or read books. She didn’t call me mama or sign for more milk or giggle if I tickled her. I wish that we’d had Experimenting with Babies: 50 Amazing Science Projects You Can Perform on Your Kid on hand to keep us busy!

Book Review: The Underland Chronicles


The Underland Chronicles

The Underland Chronicles

The Underland Chronicles: Books 1-5 Paperback Box Set by Suzanne Collins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Here at The Green Baby Guide, we mostly review books for babies or about babies. For those of you with older children or that are kids at heart, you might enjoy these books as much as I did.

I bought this set years ago with the intention of gifting them. The right opportunity never presented itself and, after deciding that the set had been taking up space in my present bin for too many years, I thought I might as well read them myself.

Book Review: The Baby Signing Book

babysigningA few weeks ago I mentioned that I was planning to pick up the pace on using baby sign language. I finally found the book I was looking for when I cleaned house, and I’m glad I did!

The Baby Signing Book by Sara Bingham is a great resource that I’d recommend to anyone wanting to use ASL with their kids. The book starts out with instructions on how to introduce sign language to your baby.  The following sections are geared toward young babies, older babies and toddlers.

Bingham includes strategies and “teaching moments” as well as “Notes from a signing parent”.  All of these additions helped me get excited about signing with Frances.  She encourages you to use as few, or as many, signs as you’re comfortable with, and I appreciated her low-stress approach.

Book Review: On Becoming Baby Wise Book Two

On Becoming Baby Wise II: Parenting Your Pre-Toddler Five to Fifteen Months

On Becoming Baby Wise II: Parenting Your Pre-Toddler Five to Fifteen Months

On Becoming Baby Wise II: Parenting Your Pre-Toddler Five to Fifteen Months by Gary Ezzo

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

As much as I liked the first book, On Becoming Baby Wise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep this one fell short for me. It really shouldn’t be its own book, and I almost feel like the used price I paid (a couple of bucks, shipped) was a rip-off. Why not just append it to the first book, since it’s really more of a pamphlet, any way?