What’s the Best Way to Get Rid of Old Baby Gear?

I feel like I must have asked this question before. Believe it or not, almost six years after giving birth, I still have boxes of tiny garments tucked away in my attic. I may have hung on to some maternity clothes, a nursing pillow, and a high chair as well.

I’m sure having a high chair sitting around in the basement will come in handy at some point. . . .

Back when I was debating between the Boppy pillow and the My Breast Friend, one of my big concerns was resale value. Imagine spending under a thousand dollars on baby gear (which I did) and then making most of it back when I sold it at a consignment shop or on ebay (which I didn’t).

Even More Gift Ideas for the New or Expecting Mother!

Here’s how you assemble a wonderful gift basket for a new mom. Still need ideas? Here are some more:

A Boppy pillow. Both of us managed to raise our babies with very limited baby gear—and we both had Bobby pillows. They make breastfeeding easier by propping the baby up to the right position, easing the strain on the back and arms. As baby grows older, you can use it to prop him in a sitting position.
baby sleeping on boppy nursing pillow
Note: You aren’t supposed to let your baby sleep on the Boppy! We kept our eye on her–just a week old!

Kindle. A Kindle—are we kidding? Well, a ways back we wrote this post, posing the question: Is a Kindle greener than regular old books? Sure, it saves trees and shipping fuel, but a wireless reading device uses batteries and may end up clogging a landfill one day. Still, we’d heard that it’s perfect for reading books while breastfeeding–turn the page with the click of a button! Avid readers who like to buy all their books instead of borrowing from the library claim to save money in the long run.