BPA-free Bento Lunchboxes: What’s the Top Green Choice?

When I first posted about finding the perfect BPA-free lunch box for my kindergartner, I hadn’t decided what to buy. Audrey had already chosen the Crocodile Creek Pocket Lunch Box, so that was taken care of. I knew I wanted some sort of container to put inside, and I was leaning toward the Easy Lunchboxes 3-compartment containers.

I decided against buying them after reading the product description more carefully. While I like the idea of having one divided container rather than a collection of containers to keep track of, the lid doesn’t seal each compartment. Some reviewers complained that if you packed something like strawberries in one compartment and chips in the other, everything had a chance to mingle around before lunchtime.

What Do You Pack for School Lunches?

Yes, I know this is the Green Baby Guide, but I hope you will allow me to indulge in just one or two more back-to-school posts as we approach kindergarten. Last week I wrote about BPA-free lunch boxes, and now I’m left wondering what to pack inside them. What are some nutritious, packable foods that don’t come with a lot of packaging waste? Those of you with experience packing lunch for a picky kid, please chime in!

Stay tuned tomorrow for more school and daycare lunch ideas from Joy!

BPA-free Lunchboxes for Waste-free School Lunches

I can hardly believe that my little “green baby” will be entering kindergarten in a month! I thought I’d take a quick break from the cloth diapers and homemade baby food and talk about the latest in eco-friendly lunch boxes. While many of the options below are made from plastic, they are all BPA-free. I’m going to strive for waste-free school lunches, which means I’m looking for reusable containers to avoid buying juice boxes, individual tubs of applesauce, and other products with disposable packaging.

Now, Audrey is lucky enough to have a grandmother who bought her a Crocodile Creek Pocket Lunchbox ($13.66). These lunch boxes come in several adorable designs; my future kindergartner chose the princess.