Money Saving Monday: Green Baby Guide’s Top Ten Penny Pinching Posts

Today marks our final in a series of posts dedicated to saving cash while keeping the environment in mind.  (Check here, here, and here for some great frugal blog resources to support your money saving efforts.)  Over the past two years we’ve written dozens of posts on budget friendly, earth friendly practices, but we’ve picked our favorites to help you save money in 2010.saving-money-and the planet

  • Did you know that there’s one brand of high quality, name brand green laundry soap that’s far cheaper than even generics? Check this post to see how you can save money and the planet while tossing those yam-encrusted baby bibs into the wash.
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Thrift Shopping for Mom

I wasn’t always such an ardent fan—but motherhood helped me discover the thrill of the thrift-shop hunt.second-hand-clothes for mom

My first venture into buying secondhand duds for myself involved maternity clothes.  After all, it’s not worth investing hundreds of dollars in a wardrobe that lasts just a few months.  Then I thrift-shopped for a transition wardrobe while I’m working on getting back to my old size. But since I’ve found a fabulous secondhand shop that gets all of the stylish college students’ donations, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to buying new.

Shopping for chunky jewelry, flouncy skirts and fashionable jeans is ever so much fun when the total rings up at around twenty five bucks for a bagful of beautiful clothes.  Plus, I’m willing to take fashion risks when buying used that I’m too practical to pay for new.