Camping with Baby

yurt camping with babyAfter three summers without s’mores or hot chocolate, we finally burst back onto the camping scene this week! How did we manage camping with a six-week-old baby and an almost-three-year old? We cheated.

Instead of pitching the tent and stringing tarps across tree trunks in case of rain, we simply rented a yurt. What is a yurt, you say? It’s a rustic shelter that makes “roughing it” outdoors a bit less rough.  Ours  housed bunk beds, a small table, and two chairs.

It means you don’t have to pack or pitch a tent—or deal with airing out wet tarps after the trip.  The yurt also provides soundproofing between you and the other campers when your baby screams at 2am. Plus, since yurts come with insulation and heat, renting one can stretch the camping season to year round here in Oregon.


The Saturday Question: Cheap Summer Thrills with Baby?

The rain is gone and the sun is out–where should we go, baby? With a winter newborn (and a broken ankle), I felt trapped indoors forever. If I ever have a second child, I’ll make sure it’s born in June, as Joy so wisely did. Walks around the neighborhood, jaunts to the park, camping trips, dips in a wading pool–what are your baby’s favorite summertime amusements?

The Saturday Question: How Do You Help Your Child Connect with The Outdoors?

How do you manage to build your child’s relationship with nature?  Do you spend lots of time outside as a family?  Are you brave enough to camp and/or backpack with a young infant or many children?  How do you keep your baby from eating dirt while bonding with the outdoors?