The Friday Question: What Helps With Milk Let Down?

I remember sitting in the filing room in the middle school where I teach and frantically eyeing the clock as my ten allocated minutes for pumping ticked away.  The more I worried about letdown, the less I was able to produce.  Eventually I brought photos of my kids and a tiny bouquet of lavender to help that file room feel more comfortable for pumping.  Now pumps like Hygeia’s EnJoye Breastpump (pictured above) actually record your children’s cries or coos so that you can play the sounds while pumping.  Brilliant!  I suppose you could do a quick video on your Ipod of your baby and get the same results. What do you do while you pump to help you relax enough to letdown quickly and maximize your time?  Other moms will greatly appreciate your tricks!

Pumping Angst: Facing the Challenge of Breastfeeding at Work

I hate pumping.  That’s the truth.  Even the sound of the pump reminds me of just how much I feel like a milk-cow when I’m hooked up to that contraption. 

With my older son I went back to teaching part time after just six weeks off.  Every day I pumped at work and carefully toted bottles of milk home to be stored for future use.  It was tough during my workday to sprint down to the small pumping room, relax enough to be able to produce milk, and rush back to class all within ten minutes. 

It was especially heartbreaking when anything happened to those precious bottles of white gold we call breast milk. One day after hand pumping for an hour while trying to do paperwork, I was thrilled to have produced six ounces of breast milk.  I carefully screwed the lid on the bottle, not realizing that the milk would leak through the nipple.  When I arrived home, the bottle had tumbled onto its side, the floor of my car was covered with breast milk and the bottle was nearly empty.  I cried and seriously considered throwing myself on the floor for a full blown hysterical fit.