Book Review: Nick’s Very First Day of Baseball

Nick’s Very First Day of BaseballNicks-Very-First-Day-of-Baseball

I have an almost-four year old and we recently discovered the book Nick’s Very First Day of Baseball, by Kevin Christofora. Baseball is a big topic around our house even though neither my husband nor I are big fans. I think our son hears about it in school a lot. The book follows a little boy named Nick from when his mom signed him up for baseball to the end of his first practice. The book has little activities in it too. There is one page where the child has to find all the baseballs and at the end is a list of words that might be new and a quiz.

Save Some Trees–Never Buy Children’s Books

Here’s a tip that works for me: Never buy books!  Why?  Because reading is overrated and television is the wave of the future!  Instead of wasting valuable time and money on books for my young, impressionable daughter, we just plop her in front of the television, which is FREE (we don’t have cable).

I found this adorable picture on Multnomah County Library’s website

All right, calm down.  I do believe in books and reading.  I was an English major, after all.  I wasn’t kidding, though, about never buying books.  I just wanted a snazzier intro to the oldest tightwad trick in the book: Use the library.  Yes, it’s been said before, but despite the existence of this wonderful public institution, many people still spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on books, CDs, and DVDs each year–even though all these things can be acquired for free.  Not only does patronizing the library save money, it saves trees and other resources.