Product Review: Super Undies Nighttime Undies

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Cotton Nighttime Pullups

I must admit that we have not been as committed to cloth diapering at night as during the day.  Actually, we exclusively use disposable at night because our girls have a propensity toward diaper rash if left in a wet cloth diaper and, more importantly, we don’t want to jinx their habit of sleeping through the night.

Once Franci started having dry diapers most mornings, I felt it was time to try a reusable nighttime diaper.  Especially since you can only reuse an un-soiled disposable so many times, and throwing dry diapers away was starting to cause a case of eco-guilt.  Of course we use chlorine-free, biodegradable diapers that use corn fiber for absorption, but still.

Why don’ t you . . . use cloth diapers at night?

This post is a part of the illuminating Why don’t you” series. No judgment! We’re just curious.

This is a subject close to Joy’s heart.  She’s written about it several times on the Green Baby Guide, and we devoted a section to it in The Eco-nomical Baby Guide. Readers have offered commiseration, tips, and product recommendations, but nothing helped contain the leaks or prevent yeast infections.

I, on the other hand, simply used two prefolds inside a larger diaper cover at night and never had any problems at all.

But what about you other cloth diapering parents—do you use disposables at night? Why?