Cloth Diaper Addiction Confessed

At a book signing awhile ago, a pregnant friend of a friend approached me with a few cloth diapering questions.  With glee, I launched from my chair and flew to the diapering section of the baby boutique that was hosting the event.  While holding up striped diaper covers, flowered pocket diapers and hemp pre-folds I described the pros and cons of each, outlined care instructions and summarized costs.  I think I may have also been gesturing wildly and possibly jumping up and down.

I get a little high on cloth diapering.

Thankfully, I realized that the poor woman’s eyes were glazing over.  My cloth diapering manifesto was a bit overwhelming for someone who was just starting. Luckily, she had just bought a copy of our book, The Eco-nomical Baby Guide, which is packed full of cloth diapering info (and even pictures!) that she can process at her own pace.

The Saturday Question: Which Cloth Diapers Provide the Best (and Worst) Leakage Protection?

We love gathering up green parent advice and are already thankful for the tips we got from last week’s post on potty training.  This week, we turn to cloth diaper users for their experiential wisdom.

What are your favorite brands/styles of cloth diapers?  We’re especially interested in which diapers have provided the least leakage and the best fit, but we’d also like to hear about brands that turned out to be total duds. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!