Baby Leg Warmers as a Solution to Cloth Diaper Bulk

Balloon bum: An adorable, bulky-bottomed look caused by diapering baby in cloth.  May lead parents to adore cloth diapers for fashion reasons rather than just their obvious economic and environmental appeal.

Most of us embrace “balloon bum”—but dressing your baby can be challenging when most clothes are designed for disposable clad bottoms.  You can buy bigger pants and roll up the legs or stretch a pair of tights around the whole diaper—but I’ve just found a new solution.

baby_legsThis winter I discovered Baby Legs, baby leg warmers that stretch up to baby’s thighs without needing to cover the diaper.  Here are the reasons I LOVE this product:

Are Pocket Diapers Better than Prefolds? A Five Point Ode to Pocket Diapers

#1  One set lasts throughout baby’s diapering.  Pocket diapers like bumGenius and Happy Heiny’s have adjustable snaps that make it possible to use the same diaper for any baby from eight to thirty five pounds.  While prefolds are far cheaper overall, you may have to buy different sizes as baby grows whereas with a few dozen pocket diapers, you’re set! 

#2  They’re easier to put on than prefolds—especially at three in the morning when you’re diapering your colicky baby and haven’t had more than three consecutive hours of sleep for days on end.   All you need to do is snap or Velcro them into place and you’re set to go.