Expecting a Second Child

Big Sister

Big Sister

The end is near! Of Pregnancy, I mean.  The birthing bed is made up and ready for laboring, the water heater is turned up and ready to fill the birthing tub, and the fridge is filled with coconut water. Bring it on!

I’ve been talking to Franci about her little sister for months, but lately I’ve changed the conversation. It’s not so much about, “there’s a baby in my belly” but how she’ll be helping care for the baby: reading her books, being gentle, doing laundry (her favorite chore).

Since we’re having another girl, there wasn’t really anything to buy. We picked up a case of diapers, but she’ll be in cloth (and infant potty training) as soon as the meconium is passed.

Earth Day Celebration with Green Mom Bloggers!

It’s Earth Day! And we’re celebrating by thanking our friends—I mean, objective members of the blogging community—who’ve been so kind as to review the Eco-nomical Baby Guide. Back in February we bragged about  our first book reviews. Who has honored us with a review since then? Here they are!

Crunchy Chicken reviewed our book!  Recently, she blogged about the end of high fructose corn syrup. She later got a response from the Corn Refiners Association.

Enviromom reviewed our book! This just came up today–and they’re hosting a giveaway! So head on over there if you want a chance to win a free copy!

Green Baby Green Mama reviewed our book! Learn how she organizes baby’s clothes. Also, here are the signs your child may be ready for potty training.

The Saturday Question: What was the best cloth diapering system for your second child?

As you may already know, I’m currently pregnant with our second baby and contemplating our cloth diapering options once again.  With Roscoe we used prefolds and covers exclusively until he was a year old and then experimented with a few types of pocket diapers.  Although we didn’t plan on it, my husband and I immediately found that we far preferred pocket diapers to prefolds.  For more rantings on why I love them so much, check here.

It seems a shame to buy a whole batch of pocket diapers when we have prefolds on hand in all sizes, but it’s been interesting to talk with other cloth diapering parents.  One mother I met used prefolds with her first, pocket diapers with her second and ended up buying all-in-ones for her third child.  This seems far too expensive to me, but I can see how with each child a parent would crave a more convenient cloth diapering system.   Of course pocket diapers and all-in-ones require more laundering but they are easier to put on, whereas at least with prefolds you can pay a bit extra for a diaper service.