Have You Bought an Organic Queen or King Sized Mattress?

When you consider how many hours of your adult life you’ll be spending unconscious, an organic mattress is a great investment—especially if you plan on co-sleeping with baby. Have you purchased one? The Naturepedic Organic Cotton Quilted Deluxe pictured below is priced at just under 1200 bucks…which is more than Rebecca and I each spent on our entire first year with our babies.

Since organic mattresses run about three times their conventional counterparts, cost was a limiting factor for my family. In fact, we would still be sleeping on a very low quality full size mattress if our friends wouldn’t have given us their used queen size mattress, which didn’t happen to be organic. If I knew then everything I know now about flameproofing materials in mattress production, I would probably have splurged on the organic waterproof mattress cover by Naturepedic ($139) when I co-slept with my babies.

The Green Baby Guide’s Sunday Round-Up

Starting this Sunday, the Green Baby Guide will present a round-up of the noteworthy articles we’ve found on likeminded sites.  Enjoy!

This is from a few months ago, but attention-grabbing nonetheless.  The Pregnancy and Baby Blog wonders Should You Quit Breastfeeding Because of Toxins in Breast Milk?

Over at Inhabitots, you’ll find how to make co-sleeping easier with the Humanity Family Bed.  While one of the green advantages of co-sleeping is avoiding the extra purchase of a crib, this product does have multiple uses.  I love that the baby in the photo is wearing a cloth diaper!

(I hope Treehugging Family does not mind me stealing those last two from their excellent round-up of green posts, all written by either Jennifer or Peggy.)