Hefty Basic Paper Plate Giveaway

When I received a stack of sturdy Hefty Basics plates in the mail, I decided to give them a go at an upcoming baby shower I’m throwing, knowing that they’d end up in the compost bin afterwards. They’re free of inks, dyes or coatings and can be composted after use.

Is Hefty eco-perfect? No. But I do feel like when mainstream manufacturers like Hefty start to make environmental efforts, the impact can be tremendous. It makes me think of Stoneyfield Farm Yogurt working with Wal Mart to make organic products available to the masses.  Like many conscientious consumers, I avoid Wal Mart, but their partnership with Stoneyfield Farm does get eco-friendly products in places where they wouldn’t previously be an option.

Guilt-free Disposable Dishes: Chinet!

Here is a friendly reminder: Chinet paper plates are eco-friendly! We discovered this two years ago when Chinet wrote us. Did you know they’re made from 100% recycled material AND they’re biodegradable, so you can home compost them?

Normally we endorse reusing, but we realize some summer festivities do require disposable dishes. Chinet is a guilt-free way to do it!

Celebrate the Holidays with Delicious Recipes and Eco-friendly Paper Plates

Last summer I found out that Chinet, purveyor of paper plates, is actually a green company.  If you are planning on using paper products for holiday parties or even (gasp!) Thanksgiving dinner, why not choose plates made from 100 percent recycled materials such as repurposed milk cartons and cardboard?  Chinet’s plates are not only chlorine-free, they’re compostable, making them an eco-friendly choice for large gatherings.  (Note: I swear I don’t work for Chinet!  I am just impressed by their environmental efforts.  Their recipes look pretty tempting, too.)

Set the table with recycled plates!

If you visit Chinet’s website, you’ll even find some holiday recipes.  Here are just a few:

Eco-friendly Paper Plates from Chinet (+ Giveaway!)

I never thought I’d be singing the praises of a disposable plate company on the Green Baby Guide, but I am about to do so.  Here’s how it happened: first, I wrote about Greening My Family Reunion.  I noted that with over forty people in my extended family, we used as many real dishes as possible and supplemented with paper plates and cups, which racked me with eco-guilt.  Next year, I vowed, we could reduce our impact by choosing recycled paper products.  I then checked out the paper plate selection at my local grocery store and noticed that Chinet’s plates were made from “recycled materials.”