How Long Have You Been a Frugalista?

If you are tuning into for our budget-friendly tips, have you always been interested in living on less?  Are you new to this penny pinching lifestyle?

I was born into a family of cheapskates. At one point in my life this was a huge drag, but the older I get, the more I appreciate my homegrown education in personal finance. It dovetails nicely with my green goals and has helped us build a secure financial foundation for our family.

Now that I’m home with the kids, our family has taken frugality to a whole new level. We embrace thrift stores, cloth diapers, garage sales, Grocery Outlet, and coupons. And more importantly, our quality of family life has drastically improved.

Confessions of a Coupon Clipper

Last month I shared my struggle to get our grocery bills down to reduce our overall monthly spending now that I’m a SAHM.  Since then, I’ve been clumsily trying to learn the trade of couponing and I have to say that it has really helped!

Here are the three myths I’ve learned to overcome:

1. You have to buy newspapers.

There are some excellent online sources for coupons including Red Plum and  Only the coupons you mark will print.  If you’d like to use newspaper coupons too, see if friends or neighbors get the Sunday paper without using the coupon inserts.