And the Cutest Cloth Diaper Award Goes to . . .

Are cloth diapers more convenient than disposables? Probably not. Are they better for the environment? We think so! But are they cuter than their paper & plastic counterparts? No contest. Check out these adorable specimens of cloth diaper couture:

Thirsties Fab Fitted Cloth Diaper ($13.75)

thirsties fab fitted cloth diaper

Kushies Reusable Ultra Diaper ($12.99)

kushies reusable ultra diaper

Happy Heinys Cow Hide cloth diaper ($23.45)

happy heiny's cloth diaper cow hide print

Fuzzibunz Pocket Diaper Daisy print ($17.95)

Fuzzibunz cloth pocket diaper blue daisy

Mommys Touch One Size Snap All in One Cloth Diaper Safari Print ($21.99)

(Grammar disclaimer: For some reason the link would not work with the apostrophe in “Mommy’s”!)

Mommy's touch one-size snap all in one cloth diaper

Bummis Flower Print cloth diaper ($12.25)

bummis flower print cloth diaper

Take that, disposables!

Are Pocket Diapers Better than Prefolds? A Five Point Ode to Pocket Diapers

#1  One set lasts throughout baby’s diapering.  Pocket diapers like bumGenius and Happy Heiny’s have adjustable snaps that make it possible to use the same diaper for any baby from eight to thirty five pounds.  While prefolds are far cheaper overall, you may have to buy different sizes as baby grows whereas with a few dozen pocket diapers, you’re set! 

#2  They’re easier to put on than prefolds—especially at three in the morning when you’re diapering your colicky baby and haven’t had more than three consecutive hours of sleep for days on end.   All you need to do is snap or Velcro them into place and you’re set to go.