And The Boken Diaper Bag Winners Are…

boken-bag-2Congratulations to Alicia and Kelly!  They have won a Boken Every Day Bag in their choice of color.  Thank you to everyone who entered for your participation and support!

boken-bagIf you didn’t win, you can still purchase this versatile, compact diaper for yourself.  We think this bag is perfect for busy parents, since it can be worn as a messenger bag, backpack or carried as a tote and is compact and machine washable.  The design and variety of colors are such that even Dad can carry it without feeling like he’s lugging around a “diaper bag”.

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Must Haves For Holiday Travel with Giveaways!

If you’re heading out of town for the holidays, here are some great products to make your trip a little easier! Check out our recommendations, then enter to win!

Wildkin Kids Luggage

wildkin-duffel-bagWildkin has just the bag for your kids, no matter how many days you’ll be gone.  The Rolling Duffle is perfect for longer trips, especially if you’ll be wheeling your luggage through an airport.  There’s also a Traveller Duffle that is a similar size but with straps that allow it to be carried on your back (as well as handle straps and a shoulder straps).

For shorter trips, the Weekender is a good choice.  It has a padded shoulder strap for comfortable carrying, and a little exterior zippered pocket. If your kid is really into pockets, the Weekender Duffel has an even bigger front pocket, and a zippered pocket on each end.

What do you use for a diaper bag? (Diaper Bag Alternatives)

Do you need a diaper bag? In What’s in your diaper bag? I asked that very question. And in Retiring the Diaper Bag, I lovingly described the beat-up black bag my husband lugged to and from our daughter’s daycare for five years.

Obviously, you don’t need to buy a bag dedicated to diapers. You could simply tuck your supplies in your purse, a messenger bag, a backpack, a canvas shopping bag, or even a crinkled plastic bag. You could carry extra diapers and wipes in the pockets of your cargo pants, you could snap a clean Fuzzibunz over your baby’s head and use it as a hat until changing time. I’m just brainstorming here. . . .