Cloth Diapering in the Summer

Is it too hot to cloth diaper? One complaint we’ve heard about cloth diapers is that they’re just too bulky and warm for babies, especially in the warmer months. Here in Portland, Oregon, our heat waves don’t last too long, and I never switched over to disposables because I was worried about overheating my baby.

A quick search for “summer diapers” yielded only one result: the Blueberry Deluxe diaper in “blue summer.” While the pattern is nice and summery, it doesn’t appear to have any magical properties that make it more appropriate for the hotter months.

I’ve also heard of parents using Chinese prefold diapers with old-fashioned diaper pins in hot weather–without a diaper cover. This approach would make the diaper more breathable but would require vigilant parental attention. And it probably isn’t the most practical solution when you’re out and about!

Pimp Your Diapers! Cloth Diaper Accessories

Pins? Snappis? A wipe warmer?!

You can definitely cloth diaper without any “extras,” but some parents find cloth diapering much more pleasant with a little help. My sister-in-law, for example, couldn’t live without flushable diaper liners. They eliminate the mess from dirty diapers, making it unnecessary to ever dunk-and-swish a diaper in the toilet. And in this post, we learned why some prefold enthusiasts prefer to use Snappis and diaper pins instead of the lazier method we endorse (which I now know is the “newspaper fold”).

So did I indulge in any cloth diaper bling? Well, we reviewed Monkey Foot Designs wet bags near the end of my diapering days, and I have to say I found my patterned bag much more beautiful than the Zip-loc I’d been using to tote wet diapers around in. While it’s definitely not necessary to the cloth diaper experience, it was a nice perk.