Why Don’t You Use Cloth Diapers?

We have a lot of self-professed cloth diaper fanatics on this site. Lurking in the background are those who . . . prepare yourselves for a shock . . . USE DISPOSABLES! Considering that 90% of the population uses them, we shouldn’t be so surprised. But today’s Friday question allows the disposable diaper users to come out of the woodwork. Why don’t you use cloth diapers? Is it the convenience factor? Aversion to disgusting laundry? Or something else?

Washable vs. Disposable—Environmental Debates to Ponder

Both Joy and I are committed to cloth diapering our offspring. First of all, we’re cheap, and our cloth diapers are much cheaper than standard disposables. We were also under the impression that cloth diapers were better for the environment than disposables. Well, we looked into it. It turns out that a major diaper study completed by the British Government in 2005 determined that the environmental impact of both diaper systems is more or less equal. How could this be? In a nutshell, disposable diapers harm the planet during their production and disposal while cloth diapers take a toll on the environment by sapping up water and energy.