Infant Potty Training with Cloth Diapers

My husband perched our baby daughter on the toilet at about six months when he realized that she had bowel movements at specific times of the day. We had never read a book on infant potty training or ever known anyone who had done it successfully, but we were excited to try anything that would help us avoid poopy diapers.

At first it was just an entertaining event. We found it hilarious that she made the sign for poop to let us know she had to go, happily pooped on the toilet and then sighed in victory every time she finished. But within a few weeks we realized that we had stumbled upon a glorious system.

The History of Potty Training in America

If you’ve read my recent post on the history of cloth diapering in America, you know that I spend a lot of time wondering how we as parents are influenced by current history–and what we can learn from the past.  Of course, like the history fanatic that I am, I found the information on potty training in America fascinating.

Early potty training in America was completely parent-centered and sometimes disturbingly so. In the early 1900s children were on strict elimination schedules and parents even used suppositories or enemas to enforce regularity. Toddlers were admonished or  physically punished for accidents.  Potty training usually began at six months of age.

Early Potty Training Update

If you’d like to see my daughter working her potty training magic you can visualize one adorably plump six month old perched precariously on her potty seat with chubby thighs spilling over the padded rim.  She’s happily performing zerberts while pooping and grinning broadly.  When she’s done, she again zerberts in celebration.

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If you’re wondering why I even plopped her on the potty at this tender age, read Monday’s post about my accidental adventures in infant potty training. Enjoy!