Solar Powered Christmas Lights Review

Has anyone tried solar Christmas lights in an effort to save energy this winter? I’ll admit to owning a strand of these solar powered white Christmas lights for $19.95. Here’s the product description:

Solar-powered decorating lights – no outlet needed! Now decorate anywhere without dangerous extension cords or need for an outlet. Sun charges string of 60 lights by day, turn on automatically at dusk and run for about eight hours! No energy cost! Great near road, around mailbox or lamp post – now you’re not limited to nearby outlet. 26′ length.

These are the white solar powered Christmas lights I got for just under $20. The image is deceiving–mine are all white, not multi-colored.

Save on LED Christmas Lights at Home Depot

Most of us are faced with an environmental conundrum  when considering an upgrade to LED Christmas lights.  We could save eighty percent more energy with the LED variety, but that would mean tossing our tangled green strings of lights into the trash.  How is that eco-friendly?

Luckily, Home Depot has a deal that will help us save energy and recycle those pesky old ones—even the defunct strands with burnt out bulbs.

led-Christmas-lightsUntil November 15, take your strings of old holiday lights to Home Depot and receive a $3.00 credit toward a strand of LED lights.  Why would you want to go to all this effort to switch out your stock of holiday lights?  Here are just a few benefits of LED lights: