What Do You Use Instead of Plastic Bags for Storing Produce in the Refrigerator?

Every other week, a huge box of organic vegetables lands on my doorstep. I take everything out, put it in large Ziploc bags, and store most of it in the fridge. Then, like the good little tightwad environmentalist that I am, I wash the bags out and use them over and over again.
head of broccoli

The thing is, I hate washing out Ziploc bags! Now that I have a dishwasher, my hatred has grown stronger, because obviously I cannot run the bags through the dishwasher.  This has prompted me to wonder: Is there a better way to store vegetables? Could I use clear glass containers or BPA-free Tupperware? What about awkwardly-sized veggies, like huge heads of broccoli or two-foot long leeks? How do you store produce?