Spring “Paint Style” Giveaway and Natura Paint Product Review

Somehow the nine month gestational period of human life seems to require expectant parents to paint.  Whether you’re sprucing up the nursery or putting a fresh coat on all your walls, we often find ourselves with paint smudges on our swollen bellies in those last few months. And why not?  Painting is a cheap and easy way to change a room without a huge investment.(And as authors of The Eco-nomical Baby Guide, we love simple, inexpensive solutions for baby’s room!)

But what color should we use?  Should we attempt a mural?  Will we need a nap after just a few brushstrokes?  And what about those fumes?

Giveaway Updates!

give away handsHere at Green Baby Guide, it makes us giddy to fling free products into cyberspace, receive dozens of comments and then randomly pick our lucky winners.  If you love giveaways too, brace yourself for the month of March, when we shall be launching our biggest set of eco-friendly giveaways ever in honor of our book’s first month on store shelves.

Very soon we expect Angela will be whipping up batches of pureed yams, kale, and brown rice thanks to her copy of Super Baby Food. Congratulations and may you fill many dozen ice-cube trays with home blended delights for your babe!

While we wished we could send each of our forty-seven entries a box, Carol was the final winner of the Abe’s Natural Market vegan truffles.  Please savor their chocolate glory and think of the rest of us!

Five Ways to Score a Free Copy of The Eco-nomical Baby Guide

The Eco-nomical baby guideWe’re so proud of our new book that we’d like to get it in everyone’s hands.  The information stuffed between the bindings saved us about six thousand dollars in our babies’ first year alone so it’s worth shelling out a few bucks for a copy—but card carrying tightwads might want to know how to get the book for FREE.

  • Check it out! What?! Your library doesn’t have it? Most libraries have online forms where you can recommend books for purchase.  Once your library gets it make sure you put it on hold for yourself!
  • (more…)