Katherine Heigl loves BornFree bottles . . . and so do we (Giveaway!)

You may be surprised to hear that we at the Green Baby Guide have a lot in common with the actress Katherine Heigl. You know her for her stint as a doctor on Gray’s Anatomy and her numerous film roles. She is a glamorous movie star, and we are glamorous authors of The Eco-nomical Baby Guide. You can see how we feel a special kinship to her. This bond was reinforced when we learned that she is a green mom, too! Check out this picture of her along with her husband and daughter, Naleigh:

Note that Naleigh is drinking from a BornFree bottle. BornFree offers a BPA-free plastic bottle that is safe for your baby and better for the environment, as it is recyclable. (Check out their recycling facts for more information.)

Shift Your Habit: A great Earth Day read!

As a thrifty, green soul, Shift Your Habit by Elizabeth Rogers seems written just for me. How do I love it? Let me count the ways:

1. It’s infinitely practical. The tips are focused on tiny lifestyle changes that save money and the environment. Each shift is listed along with cost savings, extra positives, and planetary benefits.
2. It’s road tested. Elizabeth Rogers, who also coauthored “the green book” asked dozens of families from across the nation to participate in the shifts. Some were excited about going green, and some just wanted to save money. Everyone benefited from the changes and those stories are featured throughout the book.

Works For Me Wednesday: Finding the Safest Glass and Plastic Bottles for a BPA-Free Baby

When my belly was bulging with baby, I imagined my newborn gulping breast milk from the clearest, most rigid plastic bottles that I chose, thinking that the ones that appeared closest to glass would certainly be the safest.  Months later as I read through the latest research, I was surprised to find out that my instincts were wrong. 

In fact, the rigid plastics used to make some baby bottles and almost all Nalgene bottles have the highest risks of leaching toxins.  (Nalgene will be pulling their BPA-laden bottles soon.)  On Friday, Canada’s health and environmental ministries announced that it will ban the use of bisphenol-a (BPA) in plastic products because of health concerns.  Read here for further details on Canada’s landmark decision.