The Green Baby Guide’s Green Gift Repository

While here at the Green Baby Guide we approve of garage sale gifts, experience gifts, and even no gifts for your offspring this holiday season, sometimes you do want to buy a little something for the baby in your life.  We’ve personally worked with the eco-friendly companies listed below–some of you may have been lucky enough to win one of their great products in our past giveaways.

Pedoodles shoes are green because they’re made from recycled leather remnants.  Look for the “eco-friendly” label in the Next Steps Collection.   They’re very sturdy with a highly flexible sole and have become our favorite choice for shoes. 

Pedoodles Eco-friendly Children’s Shoes–Plus Giveaway!

My daughter fell in love with her  Pedoodles Petal Jumpers the minute she pried them out of their eco-friendly box.   These shoes are well-made and comfortable for young walkers.  Flexible rubber soles protect delicate feet from the wet and pebbly ground.   On top of all this, Pedoodles leave a small footprint (pun intended!) because they’re made from “premium leather remnants from furniture.”  The soles are also made from recycled materials.

Joy’s son Roscoe, who sprints, jumps, and gallops through life, hasn’t managed to even scuff up these sturdy shoes yet.  He enjoys wearing them and looks rather dapper in the Blue Bumper Cars design.  We will always give you a truthful review here at The Green Baby Guide, and Joy and I both give these shoes our stamp of approval.

Isabooties Product Review

They’re comfy, they’re washable, they’re lace-free and they come with flexible soles­­––what more can I say?  IsaBooties sent Rebecca and me some sample shoes to try out with our toddlers a few months ago and they’ve become some of our favorite footwear.  I appreciate the fact that they don’t require fastening of any kind and also can be worn sock-free in the summer months. 

Before I discovered IsaBooties, Roscoe wore Robeez.  We loved the comfort and simplicity of the leather moccasins but were hesitant to have him wear them in the winter––which is always wet around here.  IsaBooties are made with ultra-suede fabric, which means that after they get covered with water or mud, they can just get tossed into the washer and the dryer. To be fair, Rebecca thought this was a downside of the IsaBooties—they can’t be worn on wet surfaces without soaking through.  She had her daughter use them as slippers.