Fabulous Green Baby Shower

Although I’ve often written about planning a green baby shower, I’ve never gotten to experience once firsthand.  Thanks to my incredible, intelligent, caring, physically fit, and highly attractive teaching colleagues I had the chance to attend one thrown in my baby’s honor. 

Now it’s quite humbling to have friends take the time to organize a baby shower, especially when those friends are all middle school teachers challenged with managing spring behaviors at the end of the school year.  It’s even more of a gift when said friends are thoughtful enough to take the time to make it green.

Here are some of the eco-friendly ideas they worked into the shower:


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Our latest Green Baby Guide article is brought to you by Joy Harkins of the Just Plain Joy blog.  You’ll find twenty-five tips that will make you, your baby, and the planet happy.  Some you may have heard before (eat organic food) and others you may have never considered (purchase a scanner).  Enjoy!

25 Tips for a Green Pregnancy 

Throw a Simple Green Baby Shower

Sheryl Crow had one. Parents magazine raved about them in last March’s issue.  An eco-conscious expecting mother in your life may be hinting for one.  But what is a green baby shower?  It may seem like a ploy to get you to “buy” your way into the green movement.  Are we just trading piles of Pampers and mounds of plastic toys for $50 organic onesies and free-trade rattles?  Maybe.  But it’s also possible to throw an old-fashioned, down-to-earth baby shower that’s simple and eco-friendly.  Here are just a few ideas to celebrate the arrival of a new baby.

Throw a book baby shower.  Don’t forget the Green Baby Guide’s article touting the merits of giving the gift of imagination.  Attendants bring a book or two the child can treasure well after she’s outgrown her bouncy seat.