What is Hardest About Green Parenting Right Now?

Is it deciphering cloth diaper vocabulary?  (Like hybrid, chinese prefold, pocket diaper, all-in-one?)  Is it being able to afford the organic produce you’d like to buy?  Is it the physical challenge of early breastfeeding?  Do you need some homemade babyfood recipes? Or are you still trying to prepare for baby’s arrival with the planet in mind?

My children are now leaving the realm of babyhood and hearing your questions and challenges keeps us connected with what our readers need in those early days of parenting.  If you have a problem, chances are there are dozens of other women face the same dilemma.  Thanks for sharing ideas that we can present to our readers for future Friday questions!

What Is Your Biggest Green Obstacle?

Most of us have something keeping us from reaching our green ideals. Maybe it’s psychological: You just don’t like the idea of worms eating up your food scraps or you just don’t believe vinegar can clean as well as bleach. Or maybe it’s financial: It’s difficult to shell out extra money for organic sheets when the regular ones cost half as much. Over the years I’ve jumped over several of my own green hurdles, but I still can’t bring myself to buy organic when it costs over twice as much as conventional. So I’ll buy the organic apples at $1.29 a pound–but no way will I buy $6.00/pound organic butter when I can get it for $2.00/pound on sale.