What is the Biggest Thing You’ve Done for the Planet?

Here at the Green Baby Guide, we’re all about making simple lifestyle changes that will make a big difference, one step at a time.  But what about the big things?  Have you made any huge strides on your quest towards greenness?

Install solar panels to cut down on carbon emissions

So what do I mean by a “big thing” and a “little thing”?  Years ago, I read in the Tightwad Gazette about boiling just the amount of water you need to make a cup of tea.  Now, instead of filling the kettle with a bunch of water and heating more than I use for my drink, I fill it with exactly a cup’s worth.  That small thing saves a bit of water and energy and was easy for me to do.  Barbara Kingsolver writes in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle about moving from arid Tucson, Arizona, to Virginia just so she can grow all of her own food in a fertile climate.  Now, that’s a big thing, at least in my book!