5 Outdoor Clotheslines to Air a LOT of Laundry

Nothing beats the sight of clean laundry flapping in the breeze. If you have a nice, sunny spot in the yard, why not dedicate it to a solar clothes dryer—i.e., a clothesline? Of course you can rig something up with a simple piece of rope, but if you’re feeling fancy, these products will allow you to make the most of your space.

Household Essentials MD-61 Five-Line Indoor/Outdoor Mini Retractable Clothes Dryer (just $11.99!)

67 ¾ feet drying space

Household Essentials Five-Line Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Clothes Dryer ($48)

170 feet of drying space!

Household Essentials 1600 12-Line Outdoor Umbrella-Style Clothes Dryer with Aluminum Arms ($40)

165 feet drying space

Household Essentials 4000 30-Line Outdoor Parallel-Style Clothes Dryer with Steel Arms ($72)

Green Victory: I Hung My Laundry to Dry!

I decided to kick-start summer by hanging my laundry to dry in the attic. Here I confessed that I’d been tossing my clothes in the dryer, but now that the temperatures are in the seventies, I got motivated to drag out those drying racks.

Hanging one load took fifteen minutes, two drying racks, five hangers, the side of the laundry basket, and a chair—but I saved at least a pound of carbon emissions and $.50. If I hang a load of laundry a week, all summer long, but the end of the summer I’ll have saved . . . $6.00. Okay, well, I’m doing it for the planet, not for the cash.

If It’s Good for the Environment . . . Why Don’t You Do It?

Last week we heard your eco-confessions. This week we want to know your justifications for all of that appalling behavior! If you know it’s good for the environment . . . what’s holding you back?

They look like they’re having a good time . . . so why don’t I do it?

I’ll start. I know that hanging laundry to dry saves a lot of energy. I’ve written several posts about it and admonished others for it. Yet . . . I often dry my clothes in the dryer! Why? Well, I think it’s obvious, but I’ll say it anyway: It’s simply easier. I don’t need to clutter up a room with laundry and have it sit there for a week drying in the air. I like to fold warm, fluffy clothes. I save fifteen minutes every time I toss a load in the dryer instead of hanging it up on the rack. Terrible excuses, I know!

End of Summer Accomplishments

Around this time last year, I wrote about my End of Summer Regrets (Or, Green Things I Failed to Do). I am sure everyone has been wondering for the last twelve months if I would turn things around this year. Would I plant a garden? Would I go to U-pick farms and pick fruit? Would I can and freeze produce? Would I unlock the secret to reversing global warming? The wait is over! Here’s the report on my summer’s eco-activity:

Gardening. Check! I maintained a green, organic lawn. (Then I let it turn brown to conserve water. So it is not green in all senses of the word.) I planted an organic vegetable garden, and then I complained about my garden being a huge, gigantic failure. And then I (and my garden) bounced back. Then I had an overabundance of tomatoes, for which I was grateful.