Buying A House With An Attached Apartment: An Eco-nomical Housing Solution

Interest rates are great, house prices are low, and the market is packed with great deals. So how can you find a cost-friendly, eco-friendly home without breaking the bank?

Consider purchasing a home with an attached apartment. I know this may not seem green or cost effective, but it is both!

If you keep your square footage relatively low, the attached apartment will improve the urban density in your home. A huge portion of your carbon footprint is just the square footage you occupy in your living space. Here’s an example: Our home is about 1,000 square feet with an additional 300+ square feet in a studio apartment. Since we add another person to our living space with that apartment, each of the five people living on the property occupies less than three hundred square feet apiece. That’s not bad considering that the average family of four lives in a home over 2,000 square feet.