Saving Money on Cloth Baby Wipes

Did you buy cloth diaper wipes? Last week’s post generated loads of positive comments about using cloth diaper wipes over disposables, but do you have to buy expensive fabric wipes or spend hours hemming tiny squares of organic flannel?  Hardly.

In truth, cloth wipes are simply small pieces of fabric. For very little cost and time you can make your own set of wipes or purchase a discount pack of baby washcloths and get the same effect for a whole lot less money.

Making diaper wipes:

Rebecca expertly cut up some of her husband’s old t-shirts into precise rectangles that she neatly stacked by the diaper table. Since cotton jersey fabric doesn’t fray, there was no need to hem the wipes and they worked great for the full two and half years that her daughter was in diapers. Other moms have used receiving blankets or jersey sheets and gotten the same great results without spending a dime.