Buying A Bigger House: An Eco-Confession

We just bought a 2300 square foot house.  I’m wincing as I type that because although it’s actually now the average size of an American house, it’s more than twice what we currently own.  That means a much bigger carbon footprint (and mortgage.)

Honestly, I didn’t plan on falling in love. We had set our criteria for size to be no bigger than 1800 square foot for our family of four, but the moment I walked through the doors I knew I was a goner.  It’s surrounded by massive pine trees, is south facing with raised garden beds and lots of light, and there’s plenty of room for for play dates and extended family visits.

The Top Five Ways to Save Money and The Planet

Since fuel expenses, high food prices, and child-rearing costs are eating into our thrifty budgets, here are some simple, eco-friendly tips that can save some money. They all come directly from, which has another five money saving tips available for your perusal.  While you’re there, use their handy-dandy online calculator to estimate your carbon and cost savings.

Run your dishwasher only when it’s loaded to full capacity.  It’ll save you $40 per year and reduce your carbon emissions by a whopping 200 pounds.

Move your thermostat down two degrees when it’s cold and up two degrees when it’s hot.  This minor switch will save your family $98 annually and bring your carbon emissions down by two thousand pounds!