The History of The Green Baby Guide

The very first green parenting community I joined consisted of two people: Rebecca and me–and it’s a group you’re now a part of!  The Green Baby Guide started over two years ago when I began frantically calling Rebecca about cloth diapers, homemade baby food, and Craigslist cribs.  Although we had been friends for fifteen years and had always kept up with postcards and emails, the overlap in our pregnancies and our green ideals suddenly made regular communication seem vastly more important. 

Rebecca was several months ahead of me in her pregnancy, so she learned a great deal by herself and then shared her crash course information with me.  When people questioned my plans for using cloth diapers, I could confidently tell them that I knew people (i.e., Rebecca) who were doing just fine with cloth. When I was overwhelmed by the variety and complexity of cloth diapers on the market, Rebecca took me to a consignment shop and helped me buy used diaper covers for a paltry $7.00 investment.