Too busy to change a diaper?

My cousin Liv Slowly and I laughed when we saw it—an article about “The International Day of Slowness” in a weekly magazine. For one day out of the year, it advised, try to take it easy. Unplug that laptop, take a deep breath, and make a meal from scratch. Read a book. The next day, you can go back to your fast-paced life of ringing phones and rush hour traffic.

Photo by Gina E. Kelley

One day of slowness? As masters in the art of rest and relaxation, Liv Slowly and I thought we could do better than that. Join Hurry up & slow down your life on Facebook for “tips and tricks for squeezing the most out of your busy life.” We’ll find recipes you’ll want to try, movies you’ll want to see, and books you’ll want to read—all in pursuit of a calmer, more enjoyable existence.

How to Make Homemade Iced Tea

Iced tea is just about the perfect summertime drink–it’s refreshing and full of antioxidants. It’s also much more affordable than canned or bottled soft drinks and juices.

There are three basic ways to make it:

You’ll need two tea bags or two teaspoons of loose tea per cup of water.

Sun tea: Place tea and water in a large pitcher or jar and place in the hot sun for several hours. Pour over ice to serve and refrigerate the rest after removing tea bags or straining loose tea.

Refrigerator tea: Steep tea in water for at least 24 hours. Remove tea bags or strain through a sieve if using loose tea.  Serve over ice.