What are your spring cleaning tips?

You may have noticed my little series of “spring cleaning tips of the day.” These posts have included groundbreaking suggestions to wash windows with vinegar, acquire a self-cleaning child, time yourself while cleaning, and phase out toxic cleaners gradually. And now my well of spring cleaning knowledge has run dry. What are your handy spring cleaning ideas?

Washing Windows the Green Way

I have never bought a roll of paper towels in my life. This is perhaps my greatest claim to greenness. I only wish I had more opportunities to tout this little detail about my life, along with the fact that I’ve never eaten a Twinkie. But I digress.

So how do I wash windows and mirrors, you ask? With crumpled up newspaper, of course. A single sheet of newspaper can serve as my window-washer for a good six months before retiring to the recycling bin.

Would you like to try this green cleaning technique yourself? It’s easy. Just fill a spray bottle with a mixture of one part water, one part white vinegar. Spray a bit on the mirror or window, then wipe clean with the crumpled up newspaper. Voila! You’re done. And congratulations—you saved a paper towel.