Do You Have a Kindle?

How do you like it? We’ve written before about this electronic reading device: The Kindle for Breastfeeding Mothers: Is It Green? We never reached a perfect conclusion. While conventional books are made from trees and travel hither and yon before they reach the reader, the Kindle takes energy to produce–and one day, it will need to be recycled (or thrown in the trash).

If you have a Kindle, how do you like it? Do you think of it as a green alternative to regular old books?

Kindle for Breastfeeding Mothers: Is it Green?

Anyone own a Kindle? This wireless reading device costs over $350, but at 10.2 ounces, it weighs less than a paperback book-and weighs much less than the 1,500 books you can store on it. Some claim that a Kindle is cheaper than buying books. As a library devotee, there’s just no way this device would ever pay for itself in my situation. However, the Kindle intrigues me for two reasons: 1. I’ve heard it’s perfect for breastfeeding mothers because it can be held with one hand. Turn the page with just a flick of a button. 2. I’ve read arguments that a Kindle is greener than plain old paper books.