I’m Proud to Announce . . . My New Addition!

Our miracle baby requires no diaper changes, doesn’t cry, and doesn’t throw tantrums.  Instead of keeping us up all night with shrieking, our newest family member gets to work. That’s right—after going my entire adult life hand-washing dishes, we’re proud to introduce . . . our dishwasher! My life has officially changed forever.

stainless steel dishwasher
My adorable stainless steel dishwasher (or one pretty much like it)

All right, so it isn’t as cute and cuddly as those other “new additions” some of you are bragging about. But I’m still excited to own an appliance that is supposed to save water and energy—not to mention time. (Side note: I don’t actually consider buying a dishwasher an entirely “green” decision. Sure, it conserves water, but the energy used to create a new appliance is considerable!)